Who are we

is a young Calabrian company that offers to valorize and promote territory’s resources through the realization of cosmetic products that combine naturality, territoriality and science. In fact, local raws of extraordinary unicity are elaborated through formulations characterized by the innovative and functional nature that they present. Hedonè’s philosophy is to enclose in its products the cultural tradition of a region whose the patrimony of knowledge is Magna Grecia’s son before and imperial Rome after. However, over the centuries, this patrimony was enriched of oriental elegant taken by Arabs, of French Angevin refinements, of Spanish aristocrazy of the Aragones and Bourbons. Hedonè also wants to steal the Calabrian colors, the smells of Mediterranean flowers encased in the extraordinary beauty of its coasts, in green highland forests, in colourful vegetation that offer a combination of fascinating scenarios and makes of Calabria a magical place enriched by spell that Morgan brought from Avalon.

Hedonè’s products born thanks to this combination of history, traditions, legends, but also of knowledges, skills and scientific experiences: they are designed with original formulations made by its researchers, are attested in extracts used and in dermocosmetic activities by universitary laboratories, by entities of cosmetic certification, by biomedical professionals (dermatologists, allergists, angiologis).